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How do I care For My Polished Stone?

Polished Stone looks best when it is properly cared for. A good maintenance program should incude:

1. Regular dust mopping or vacuuming, using tools that willl not scratch the surface. We recommend the Microfiber Mopping System

Which cleaners damage my stone?

Homeowners can unknowingly damage their stone by using cleaners not designed for natural stone. Some general use cleaners contain acids, ammonias, or other cleaning agents that will damage your stone. Scouring powders or creams contain abrasives that may scratch your stone's surface. Even a professionally sealed material can be damaged by such products.

What causes "stains"?

Stains can be divided into three catagories: Etches, Oil Stains and Marks Left by Water.

Etches Substances that are acidic such as wine, orange juice, cosmetics, soft drinks and coffee can etch stone. Proper sealing will afford you time to wipe up a spill before it is absorbed into the stone, but this will not stop the chemical reaction between the acid and the surafce of the material (Etching). Cleaners not specifically designed for natural stone should never be used.

Oil Stains Granite, Marble, Limestone, Mexican tiles and other porous stones are particularly vulnerable to oil. These stains appear as dark discolored areas. Specific types of sealers repel oil and can be applied to the stone without changing its appearance. This is especially important in kitchen areas where oils are frequently used.

Water Stains Shower and bath installations are subject to extreme conditions. Both glass and stone will deteriorate and develop mineral deposits over time. Proper Sealing, Maintenance, and Periodic Professional Care will minimize these effects.




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