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Here is a list of products that would be perfectly suited to cleaning your Honed Travertine Floors. Click on the product you would like to purchase to continue.

Polished Travertine

Daily Floor Cleaner (concentrate)
This is your everyday go-to cleaner. Safe on all stone, neutral ph and free rinsing, quick and easy to use.

1 qt $12.50
1 gallon $26.50
D.C.C. (concentrate)
A daily cleaner conditioner perfect for limestone and
travertine. It not only cleans but protects and enhances the natural color of the stone at the same time.
1 qt 18.00
1 gallon 55.00
Deep Stone Cleaner (concentrate)
Use this when you need some extra cleaning power.
Removes ground in dirt and stains.
1 qt $19.00
1 gallon $54.00
Grout Brush
Gets down in the grout line and in corners where dirt and mildew are often left behind.
$1.50 each  
Floor Mopping System
Easy to use, light weight, aluminum pole and
head with two micro fiber* terry wet mop pads.
complete sytem $27.95  



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