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Daily Floor Cleaner (concentrate)
This is your everyday go-to cleaner. Safe on all stone, neutral ph and free rinsing, quick and easy to use.

1 qt $12.50
1 gallon $25.00
Daily Counter Cleaner
This is your everyday go to cleaner. Safe on all stone,
neutral ph and free rinsing , quick and easy to use.
1 qt $ 7.00  
Grout Brush
Gets down in the grout line and in corners where dirt and mildew are often left behind.
$1.50 each  
Floor Mopping System
Easy to use, light weight, aluminum pole and
head with two micro fiber* terry wet mop pads.
complete sytem $27.95  
Silicone Impregnator
The Most powerful protection on any natural stone. For interior and exterior use.
8 oz. 9.00
1 qt 19.00
Polishing Cream
Water base polish you can buff to a high gloss. Excellent water repellency. Not for use on floors, it can get slippery!
1 dish $ 29.50  
S.C.S. (concentrate)
Intensive cleaner for removal of mineral deposits and
soap scum. Safe on polished and honed stone.
1 liter $ 19.00  
Etch Remover
Removes etches and light scratches. Restores polished finish without the use of equipment.
1 bottle $ 15.00  
Spray Polish
An easy to use spray that both protects and polishes. You can use it as often as you like to add the finishing touch to your granite countertop or hearth. Not for use on floors, it can get slippery!
1 can 17.50  
Heavy Duty Cleaner (concentrate)
For use on Marble, Limestone, Granite and Other
Natural Stone. Removes Heavy Dirt and Grease without damaging the stone.
1 qt 17.50
1 gallon 29.00
Beta Protective Coating
A high tech coating that is designed to maintain
Diamond Sealed surfaces. Use in place of glass cleaners. Prevents water spotting due to mineral deposits.
1 bottle 29.95  
Delta Wash
Safe and environmentally friendly water base cleaner for glass. It cleans,polishes and protects all washable surfaces. Recommended for all surfaces treated with Beta Protective Coating.
1 bottle 12.00  
Glass Luster
Cleans water spotting and corrosion for glass.
Leaves surfaces ready for application of protective coating.
1 bottle 14.75  
Scrub Pads and Handle
Detachable cleaning pad mounted on a convenient plastic handle. Helps remove mineral and soap deposits. Safe to use on polished and honed stone.
Handle w/ 2 pads 4.95  
Replacement Scrub Pads
Individual scrub pads
1.00 each  
Micro Fiber* Cloths
A high quality, dense micro fiber cloth. Great for use
on stone or glass surfaces.
4.95 each  
Micro Fiber* Sponges
A convenient size sponge covered with a waffle weave Micro Fiber Cloth. Great for using on countertops and showers.
3.50 each  
Extra Mop Pads
Micro Fiber* Terry Wet Mop or Micro Fiber* Ultra
Soft Cleaning Pad (wet or dry)
8.95 each  
* Micro Fiber is a highly effective synthetic fabric, which cuts down on the amount of chemicals and effort needed to produce a clean, streak free surface. Safe on all natural stone surfaces and can be used wet or dry. Also, excellent to use in conjunction with the Tekon Glass Product Line.



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